How to restore Asus EEE Pad TF101 stock Image on Linux

DISCLAMER : This method does not target all TF101 Tablet.

First Activate Nividia APX mode, by pressing [Vol UP] and [POWER]. You shloud only get a black screen. Connect the tablet to your computer with the USB cable.

Verify with lsusb the APX mode is activated.

% lsusb
Bus 002 Device 008: ID 0955:7820 NVIDIA Corp. T20 [Tegra 2] recovery mode

Retrieve an official image from Asus ( ) and unzip it. After unpack images from the binary blob file. The utilities can be found here .

./blobunpack ./WW_epad-user-

Bypass the SBK 2 with wheelie to access the APX.

sudo ./bins/wheelie -2 -c ./transformer.bct --bl ./bootloader.bin -o 0x300d8011

Modify the config file ./flash.cfg to point to the file extracted from the blob.

And finally flash your tablet.

sudo ./bins/nvflash -r --bct ./transformer.bct --setbct --configfile ./flash.cfg --create --odmdata 0x300d8011 --sync

Also for windows