YouTube channel's RSS Feed

At Google, usually, they do things in a rather efficient and ergonomic way. But on the monitoring of subscribed channels, they screwed up failed! It is almost impossible to know if there is a new video, only with the small numerical indicator present in the list of channels!

As an RSS feed user, I thought, ‘it would be cool to have YouTube channels that I subscribed in my feed aggregator (TinyTinyRSS)’. So I asked Google.

Result : Use RSS with YouTube

So the link of a YouTube channel is also the link to its RSS feed!

Little example: DATA GUEULE channel’s RSS feed:

Just Almost perfect! Indeed, sometimes it does not work!

After analysis, it appears that when the aggregator tries to retrieve the feed, it is (usually) automatically redirected to the real URL of the feed:

So in case of problems with the first URL format, go for the second one (or directly uses the latter).